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{{otheruses|USE=short story by Andy Clark|OTHERUSE=the titular ritual|OTHERPAGE=Ritual of Becoming}}
{{otheruses|USE=short story by Andy Clark|OTHERUSE=titular ritual|OTHERPAGE=Ritual of Becoming}}
|Name        =Becoming
|Name        =Becoming

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2drones.gif This article is about the short story by Andy Clark; for the titular ritual, see Ritual of Becoming.
Cover art
Author Andy Clark
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Servants of the Machine-God

Becoming is a short story by Andy Clark.

Cover Description

As two young squires prepare for their ritual of Becoming, the Herald Markos Dar Draconis recounts the story of his first battle at the helm of a Knight Titan, a mighty Imperial war engine. In defending his home, Markos must quickly learn the ways of war and repel the greenskin hordes of the Warlord Skarjaw or see Adrastapol ransacked by an ork menace that has blighted his lands for many years. His deeds during the war will see Markos become a hero, an inspiration to his fellow Knights, a legend that only he knows the truth of...


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