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Betric Sizal

Betric Sizal was a Archein within the Blood Angels Legion, during the Great Crusade and commanded its armoury reserves in the Battle of Signus Prime.

The battle began, when the Primarch Sanguinius gave the order to advance upon the world's Cathedral of the Mark; which he believed was the likely base of the enemies that had attacked the Legion, since it entered the System. The Legion's forces were then split into four formations, three of which would approach the Cathedral from three different directions. Sizal had command of the formation containing the Legion's artillery vehicles and most of its Dreadnoughts, but they would never reach the Cathedral. Unbeknownst to the Blood Angels, the Word Bearers's Unseen Hand Company, who had joined the Legion before they entered the System, had betrayed the Imperium and they opened fire on Sizal's forces. Though the formation outnumbered the Word Bearers, the Blood Angels could not believe what had happened and their advance stalled[1a]. They were beginning to be driven back, when hordes of Daemons were unleashed on Signus Prime, which quickly joined the Word Bearers' attack. Confronted by enemies that now outnumbered his force, and with no chance rejoining the other Blood Angels formations, Sizal ordered his vehicles to be used as blockades to keep the Daemons and Word Bearers at bay. This worked for awhile, until a Daemon Prince appeared and bashed several vehicles aside, which allowed a group of Word Bearers to close with the Blood Angels. The Traitors were then able to surround Sizal and killed the Archein with Chaos cursed blades.[1b]