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Big Choppa

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Typical Ork Big Choppa[3]

Big Choppas, also known as 'Uge Choppas or Big Clubs are enormously massive two-handed Ork weapons, that serve as the mark of a real connoisseur of brutality, even amongst Ork warriors.[2] They can take many forms from great axes with jagged metal teeth to heavy clubs with plenty of spikes to make them more "killy" and give them a more agressive look. Some Mekboys even make Big Choppas resembling crude Ork versions of Chainaxes.

Their unsubtle design and massive weight is capable of packing a considerably harder hit than regular Choppas - wielded with a overhead swing which will turn most opponents into splutchy pancakes on hit. They are are chosen more for sheer weight than subtlety and require both hands to carry and wield them. Big Choppas are usually wielded by Ork Nobs or Warbosses who can do even more damage with it using their great strength and skill.[2][1b]


Notable Big Choppas

  • Headwoppa's Killchoppa[9]
  • Choppa of the Ragnarork[10]

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