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The Biophagus is a type of Genestealer Hybrid that specialize in in gene-manipulation and bio-alchemy.[1]


A master of genetic manipulation and bio-alchemy, the Biophagus is responsible for the process of indoctrination and infection. They concoct new contaminants that infect their victims with xenos genetics, morphing their body and mind and rendering them susceptible to the influence of a Genestealer Cult. Biophaguses can be found posing as Officio Medicae specialists in slum hospitals, macro-alchemical distilleries, and med-paste factories. Embedded in positions of high authority, they run discreet tests upon the unsuspecting local populace. It was the Biophaguses of the Cult of the Twisted Helix that first unlocked the secrets of extracting Genestealer germ-seed. The cultists of the Helix contaminated medical supplies and food with this biomatter, spreading their curse through means other than the Genestealer's Kiss. This knowledge has gradually spread amongst other cults and hidden cells across the Galaxy.[2]

A Biophagus will often keep the company of a number of mutant offspring of the Germ-seed such as Aberrants, continuing to trial new bio-alchemical solutions upon them in an attempt to bring out their latent alien power. The injector goad that each Biophagus carries contains the concotions of the alchemist's own devising, gene-brews that temporarily grant the Aberrant subject enhanced strength and speed. For their part, the Aberrants come to view the Biophaguis as something akin to a benevolent parent. Due to their importance in spreading the cult, a Biophagus will often be given Familiars by their Patriarch.[2]

Biophaguses are reclusive beings, far preferring to be alone in their labs than to engage the enemy. Ultimately however, the Cult's psychic influence will draw them out on the day of the Cult's ascension. Often marching to war surrounded by a phalanx of Aberrants, the Biophagus unleashes their creations through hurling vials. Their injector goad pumps stimulating chemicals into the enemy as well as Aberrant bodyguards, turning the unfortunate former into piles of dissolving slime.[2]



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