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Black Blade

Angron with the Black Blade[3]

The Black Blade or Vuragh'th in the tongue of Sarum[4] was an enormous and powerful Daemon Sword wielded by the Primarch Angron after his ascension to Daemon Prince.

Forged on Sarum by the Dark Mechanicum, the blade has the ability to grow stronger from every sword it absorbs. Forging the blade was costly and laborious, with many slaves and captured Daemons sacrificed in its creation. By the time of the battle for the Eternity Gate during the Siege of Terra, it had consumed a million souls.[4]

Wielded by Angron in the First War for Armageddon, the weapon was powerful enough to instantly annihilate five Grey Knights Terminators in a single stroke. However the Black Blade was stopped in mid-swing by the psychic might of the young Grey Knights recruit Hyperion. Hyperion managed to first snap, then finally shatter the blade by exerting an enormous amount of psychic force that nearly killed the Grey Knight.[1]

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