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The Blood Disciples are a Chaos Space Marines Warband who were originally the 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves Chapter.[2]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Blood Disciples -
Origin: 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves Chapter
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Black and gold
Specialty: Jump Packs, Raptors
Strength: ~100 marines
Blood Disciples.jpg


In 888.M37, the Emperor's Tarot indicated a great Chaos threat from the worlds of the Eye of Terror named Goreworlds. The 8th Company of the Emperor's Wolves was dispatched to deal with the threat, encountering a twisted hermit known as the Red Prophet. Slaying the heretical preacher, all those touched by his blood instantly became devoted to Khorne. Eventually the entire Company was exposed and they renamed themselves the Blood Disciples.[2]

Decades later, they returned to realspace dedicated to the powers of Chaos[1] and have launched raids into Segmentum Obscurus ever since[3]. Because of the Warband's history as a designated assault company, the Blood Disciples are noted for having a large number of Chaos Raptors.[1]

Known Members

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