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Blood Scythes

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Blood Scythes
Blood Scythes Symbol.jpg
Blood Scythes Primaris.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1a]
Founding: Ultima Founding[1a]
Colours: White with black pauldron trim. Show company and squad belonging using the Blood Angels system.[1a]

The Blood Scythes are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1a]


An Ultima Founding Chapter, the Blood Scythes' first campaigns have been in the on-going efforts to purge the Red Scar of Tyranids. This was after the Chapter was united with the Sanguinary Brotherhood, after the Devastation of Baal and they have swiftly embraced the Blood Angels' traditions. Since then, the Blood Scythes have rapidly earned a name for themselves as warriors of honor and they uphold their Primarch Sanguinius' codes with the zeal of the newly converted.[1a]

Known Battles

Known Members


  • Inferno - Hand Flamer wielded by Sergeant Vedios and blood drop icons adorn it. Each was earned for every ten battles the Sergeant fought in.[1b]

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