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Boros Gate

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The Boros Gate is a region of the Imperium located in the Boros System.[1a]


Located in Segmentum Obscurus, the Boros Gate is a vital strategic location as it is home to wormholes that lead to permanent stable Warp routes from the Eye of Terror region that would allow for quick travel to Terra. Only the Cadian Gate was more prized, and more heavily guarded, by the Imperium. For 10,000 years the forces of Chaos made unsuccessful attempts to take the Boros Gate, most notably forces from the Iron Warriors and Death Guard. Nonetheless, it was said that the Boros Gate was the staging ground for the End Times according to the Word Bearers prophecy known as the Rubric Apocalyptica.[1a]

Shortly before Thirteenth Black Crusade, the Word Bearers Dark Council of Sicarus prepared a massive offensive against the Boros Gate to pave way for Abaddon's attack. Ultimately however, due to an internal coup within the Word Bearers and Necron intervention, the Imperial defenders which included the White Consuls and Grey Knights were saved.[1b]

Worlds of the Boros Gate included Boros Prime[1c].