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Bouncers are xenos creatures native to the planet of Chbal.[1]

Their only limbs are normally invisible claw-like feet and their body - spherical, 1-2 metres in diameter, red with yellows viens. Skeleton of bouncer formed from the inflated section of tissue, so their body is very light. Bouncers travels large distanes on their native planet of Chbal, following wind currents, bouncing from continent to continent and flying over oceans. They are inquisitive and lively creature though posess no real level of intelligence. Bouncer can mimic speech and greatly interesting by actions of other creatures. Though they are not aggressive, if attacked Bouncers could retailate, jumping on the enemy and clawing it with their leg's talons. They are very fragile creatures and if their skin would be pierced, they quickly deflate and die [1]

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