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The Breg-shei were a Xenos species that lived on the planet Farinatus Maximus. This world was the scene of a joint campaign during the Great Crusade by the Raven Guard and Night Lords.[1] This campaign is called the Farinatus Extermination.[2]

Millennia later, Imperial colonists on Regnan Impri were terrorised by Breg-shei. In response, Iron Hands pursued the Breg-shei through Regnan Magna's rings and moons. On Regnan Drey, the Breg-shei conducted an ambush by laying in wait in cyst-nests under the regolith. [3]


The Breg-shei were described as insectoid in apparence with metal maws and long sharp stabbing appendages. They lived in something called "sanctuary-nests" and operated as a hivemind. [1]

The Breg-shei were noted to be fast and resilient creatures, with unknown sensory organs. They were suspected to have senses that extended to a spectrum that included battlefield vox, with multiple incidents indicating an ability to intercept and understand Imperial transmissions.[3]

Breg-shei technology included the synaptic lash, an energy weapon that damaged the cerebra of organic creatures. On Regnan Drey, a barrage from three synaptic lashes against a Rhino caused its Servitor driver to malfunction severely enough to make it attack its Iron Hands master. [3]

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