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Breunan is a Fallen Angel, who is among those who now loyally serve their returned Primarch, Lion El'Jonson[1a] as the Risen.[1b]


He held the rank of Knight, before Caliban's destruction at the end of the Horus Heresy. When Breunan emerged into Realspace millennia later, he eventually joined the pirate fleet of his fellow Fallen Borz. Like the other Fallen pirates in the fleet, Breunan had command of his own warship and aided the pirate leader in attacking anyone they could. This even included the Imperium and other Fallen, though Borz ensured the pirates also struck at the forces of Chaos, whenever possible.[1a]

Things drastically changed in M42, after Borz heard an Astropathic message from the Imperial world Avalus, claiming that the Dark Angels' Primarch Lion El'Jonson was there. This led him to immediately travel to the world, for if it was true, then Borz wished to pledge his pirates to El'Jonson' service. When they emerged into Avalus' System, though, it was under attack by a warfleet of the Ten Thousand Eyes Warband, who had heard those same messages. Borz ordered the pirate fleet to strike at the Warband and afterwards he made contact with El'Jonson, who had command of Avalus' defense fleet. The pirate leader then asked to serve at the Primarch's side and El'Jonson readily accepted his offer. The two fleets would quickly combine their might afterwards and soon successfully destroyed the Ten Thousand Eyes' warfleet.[1a]