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Brotherhood of the Storm

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the White Scars formation; for the novella by Chris Wraight, see Brotherhood of the Storm (Novella).

The Brotherhood of the Storm (Minghan Kasurga in Khorchin[1a]) was a Brotherhood of the White Scars Space Marine Legion, active during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1a][2]


By the tail end of the Great Crusade, the Brotherhood of the Storm was commanded by Shiban Khan.[1a] Although he was seen by some, including his fellow Captain Torghun Khan, as reckless[1b], the White Scars Primarch Jaghatai Khan believed that Shiban had great spirit.[1c]

The Brotherhood was amongst those White Scars deployed in the Chondax Campaign, hunting down surviving orks that had fled the Imperium's wrath following the Ullanor Crusade. At the time, it numbered around 500 warriors (including 19 minghan-keshig), most of whom took to battle mounted on jetbikes.[1a] However, the Brotherhood suffered heavy losses in the closing stages of the Chondax Campaign; in the assault against the final ork holdouts on Chondax, in a network of canyons known as the Grinder, around a third of the Brotherhood's Marines were killed.[1b][1c]

After the fighting on Chondax itself was over, the Brotherhood was assigned to hunt down ork survivors on Phemus IV.[2]

Known Members