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C'tan Shard

A C'tan shard in battle

C'tan Shards are fragments of the C'tan.


The Shards are entities of near-unlimited power that have the power to project energy blasts, control the minds of lesser beings, manipulate the flow of time and even banish their enemies to alternate realities.

The only limitations to a Shard is its immense imagination and the faint memories of the being it used to be before it was severed countless years ago. None of the Shards recall the omnipotent being it used to be but each contains elements of the C'tan's personality along with their hubris. Thus, a Shard can be eccentric and unpredictable, with them striking their foes in an unexpected yet surprisingly practical manner. From their fingertips they can project transdimensional thunderbolts or bombard enemies with rocks along with boulders, transform into singularities to destabilize gravity or even simply fling their enemies backwards in time until they disintegrate.[1]

Known Shards include those of the Nightbringer[1] and the Deceiver.[2]

Manifestations of Power

The shards of the C'tan have several reality-warping powers, though each shard is severely limited in the powers it can use. Among them are[3]:

  • Entropic Touch - The C'tan shard's rotten grasp decays metal on contact.
  • Gaze of Death - The C'tan shard drains the life from all in the vicinity, with eyes blazing with dark energies.
  • Grand Illusion - By weaving a glamour of deception, the C'tan shard prevents the foe from seeing the true disposition of his allies.
  • Lord of Fire - The C'tan shard is a being of living flame, capable of controlling the fires of the enemy.
  • Moulder of Worlds - The C'tan shard showers his enemies with boulders of tortured rock.
  • Pyreshards - The C'tan shard conjures specks of blazing black matter and directs them against his enemies.
  • Sentient Singularity - The presence of the C'tan shard destabilises gravitational forces, and disrupts engines, teleport beams and warp jumps.
  • Swarm of Spirit Dust - The C'tan shard is hidden from the gaze of his enemies, by a cloud of swirling darkness.
  • Time's Arrow - The C'tan shard mutates the flow of causation and remoulds the temporal stream, to send his foe into the darkness from before time was time.
  • Transdimensional Thunderbolt - From the outstretched palm of the C'tan shard, a bolt of crackling energy is projected.
  • Writhing Worldscape - The presence of the C'tan shard revolts the natural world, the very ground writhing and shaking as the physical laws holding reality together are undone.

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