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COGs are the League of Votann's Robot drones, that are less complex and intelligent than the Ironkin.[1]

Known Variations


Drones that defend the Leagues of Votann's Grimnyrs. They are able to focus energy to aid them in battle.[2c]


Hardy drones that defend the Brôkhyr Iron-masters and also aid the engineers in repairing vehicles.[1]


Drones that assist Cthonian Beserks who wield Mole Grenade Launchers in battle.[2b]


The term CORV could be a play on Corvus (corax), the Latin name for the Common raven (see also raven-like head decoration of the CORV drone). They likely are a reference to Huginn and Muninn, the raven companions of the Norse god Odin, since the Grimnyr the CORV accompany has several similarities to Odin.