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Calaphrax Cluster

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The Calaphrax Cluster is an Imperial Sector[1a] that was separated from the Imperium for ten thousand years by Warp Storms that ended in M41.[1b]

Worlds of the Calaphrax Cluster


During the Horus Heresy, the Calaphrax Cluster was contested by the Dark Angels and Iron Warriors. The Iron Warriors are known to have received assistance by the Fallen,[1b] and are said to have deployed a weapon so catastrophic it ended a million lives in a single moment - the resulting psychic howl causing the ten millennia-long warp-storm that shrouded the Calaphrax Cluster.[1c]

In M41, the warp-storms shrouding the region abated and the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels ordered Master Seraphus and Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous to ensure the Chapter's secrets remain hidden. At the same time, Inquisitor Astor Sabbathiel went to the cluster looking to uncover evidence of the Dark Angels' heresy, and the Chaos Lord Korus of the Iron Warriors came seeking to reclaim their ancient weapon.[1b]