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Camanio was a Captain in the Blood Angels Legion, during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

While taking part in the Great Crusade, he led a small force of Blood Angels that aided the Death Guard Primarch Mortarion in destroying a Xenos civilization on Oura'Nuoama. Camanio was filled with disdain throughout the campaign, though, as he had to walk upon a toxic world and fight beside a Primarch and Legion he had little regard for. This was noticed by the Death Guard Captain Vorx, who despite Camanio's attitude attempted to build comradery with the Blood Angel. This ended, however, as the Death Guard and Blood Angels assaulted the Xenos' last stronghold and Camanio finally let his feelings for the Death Guard's Primarch known. As he saw Mortarion lead the attack, the Captain remarked that his Blood Angels asked him how anyone could follow that skin-and-bones wretch, let alone call Mortarion a Primarch. Camanio then finished by stating he truly did not know how to answer his troops in response and then left a stunned and outraged Vorx behind him. The Blood Angel was unaware, though, that his words left Vorx so angered that the Death Guard Captain nearly considered killing Camanio, for his insults against Mortarion, before deciding to focus on the battle instead.[1]

The battle ended in victory for the Blood Angels and Death Guard, but they soon found themselves fighting each other as they chose opposing sides, as the Horus Heresy began. Camanio would be among his Legion's forces defending the Imperial Palace, when the Traitors invaded Terra and fought for weeks without rest, to defend its walls. Vorx was among the Death Guard invading as well, and having long still held resentment towards Camanio for his insults on Oura'Nuoama, the Captain sought to confront the Blood Angel. As the walls to the Imperial Palace were nearly breached, Vorx finally succeeded in tracking Camanio down, though in truth, the Blood Angel seemed to have been waiting for the Death Guard Captain. As Camanio looked upon the corrupted form of Vorx, the Captain remarked that he and his Legion had always known the Death Guard were filth. If he had known how far they would have fallen, however, Camanio claimed he would have killed Vorx on Oura'Nuoama. With that the battle was joined, but Camanio was tired from weeks of non-stop fighting and his power armour had been left heavily damaged. Vorx meanwhile, was empowered by the Chaos God Nurgle's blessings and the realization of Camanio's weakness ended any pleasure the Death Guard would gain from killing the Blood Angel. This quickly changed, though, as Vorx witnessed his Primarch Mortarion storm the Imperial Palace's walls. All at once, the rage Vorx felt at Camanio's insults towards his Primarch returned and the Blood Angel then easily died at the wrathful Death Guard's hands.[1]