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Canis Vertex

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Canis Vertex[2]

The Canis Vertex was a Warlord Battle Titan.[1]

Originally belonging to the Legio Astorum, during the Great Crusade it was badly damaged fighting the Kamenka Troika alongside the Thousand Sons. The Thousand Sons decided to honour Legio Astorum by recovering the machine, repairing and transporting her to Prospero to mount upon the pyramid of the Pyrae Cult.[1]

The Canis Vertex remained a prominent site in Tizca's skyline until the Burning of Prospero, when a desperate Khalophis possessed the machine. The Canis Vertex walked again, decimating the Imperial forces sent to punish Magnus. However, the explosive death of Phael Toron during the fighting caused the Canis Vertex to be badly damaged. The Titan collapsed on top of the pyramid of the Pyrae.[1]

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