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Category:Comics and Graphic Novels

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This category is for graphic novels who have been published in the form of comics, trade paperback (short: TBP), and/or books telling stories of the 40K universe. The diffrence between the formats is not always easy to see; normally the trade paperback combines several comics (who are normally the smallest of them all) together in a single volume. Books on the other hand are normally larger A 4 sized 'books' who combine two (or more) graphic novels in a single volume.

  • If several diffrent comics were collected into a single volume then use "title" (Comic Anthology)'. Example: Eternal War (Comic Anthology). It is a collection of diffrent comics telling diffrent stories not related to each other in any significant way.

  • If the Graphic novel was published under the form of several comics then please create a single article (where you can, and should if possible, show all the covers). Use "title" (Comic Series). Example: Damnation Crusade (Comic Series). It is a series of comics telling a single story.

  • If the Graphic novel had several editions (e.g.: was 1st published under the form of comics, then collected into a single Trade paperback, and then was published in a single large book, perhaps even published more than one time, then use "title" (Graphic Novel). It is still a single Graphic novel even if it was published in several editions and diffrent formats.

  • If the Graphic novel was published in a trade paperback and/or book, then use "title" (Graphic Novel). Example: Lone Wolves (Graphic Novel). It is still a single Graphic novel even if it was published in several editions and diffrent formats.

  • If the story (which is much larger than a "normal one") has been told in several larger volumes (e.g.: Bloodquest) then use "title" (Graphic Novel Series). If you are savy enough, turn the other titles (of the 2nd volume, 3rd volume, etc) into re-directs towards the single main article. It is basicly a small number of Graphic novels who are telling a single story. Each Graphic novel is a 'chapter' of the greater story-arch.

Note:It doesn't matter to be always 100% acurate. It is rather a matter of keeping it relativly simple.