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Caturix was the younger of the two Lord Commanders who ruled House Taranis, during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1a]

He newly appointed to the role, in the later years of the Great Crusade, but Caturix was beloved by House Taranis for his fiery passion, which complemented the older Lord Commander Verticorda's cautious temperament[1b]. Though he was a firebrand, his wise counsel was well known and even the Titan Legion Princeps the House fought beside, sought his advice during battles[1a]. Caturix was later present on Mars when the Horus Heresy began and the Dark Mechanicum caused a civil war to erupt on his Homeworld. As war enveloped Mars, House Taranis remained loyal to the Imperium[1b] and later fought to defend Adept Koriel Zeth's Magma City Forge from the Dark Mechanicum's forces. However the Traitors heavily outnumbered the Loyalists and Magma City would soon begin to fall to the Dark Mechanicum. Now with no hope of victory or escape, the surviving Knights of House Taranis agreed to begin a suicidal charge to kill Ambassador Melgator, who led the Traitors' forces. Both Lord Commanders Caturix and Verticorda charged at their foes, alongside the veteran Knights Stator, Yelsic and Agamon, but were soon swarmed by the Dark Mechanicum. Soon Agamon and Stator were dead by the Traitors' hands, with Yelsic being the next to fall. However the explosive death of his Knight, created an opening for Caturix and Verticorda to finally reach Melgator. The two Lord Commanders were then able to kill the Ambassador, before Verticorda was fatally struck down by the Dark Mechanicum's forces. Caturix then gave out a roar of defiance, as the Traitors unleashed their overwhelming firepower upon him.[1c]