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Cegorach — the Great Harlequin, the Great Fool, the First Fool, the Laughing God — is one of the gods of Eldar mythology, and the central figure of Harlequin belief. He is a trickster god known to be mocking, sinister, vindictive, and enigmatic. His pranks and jokes punish gods and mortals alike for the sin of pride. In Eldar legend, he is said to have stolen Khaine's blade and overseen a terrifying event known as the Wedding of Screams.[2]

While most of the gods were destroyed during the Fall of the Eldar, according to legend, this deity survived because his mocking nature distanced him from the corruption and decadence that became Slaanesh. The legend goes that as Slaanesh battled Khaine, the Laughing God escaped into the Webway. The Harlequins believe that Cegorach continues to protect their souls from the predations of Slaanesh.[2]

Cegorach is the only authority the Harlequins recognize[1] and there are those who claim that the Laughing God walks amongst his children from time to time, wearing the disguise of a Harlequin player.[2]

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