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The Chaos Star, symbol of Chaos Undivided.

Followers of Chaos Undivided venerate Chaos itself, seeing the Gods of Chaos as a pantheon to be worshiped equally. Of all Chaos worshipers they follow Chaos in its purest form. Champions of the creed are given a Mark of Chaos Undivided.


A follower of Chaos as a whole may also honour the lesser entities of the warp if they are more likely to help him.

Others view Chaos Undivided as a unified whole, the various powers as actually an aspect of one god. They may give their service to one god but are likely to never gain much favour with an individual power.

Finally, others seek to use Chaos as a means to get to their own ends. This is often risky and only two outcomes exist, daemonhood or damnation.[1]

Notable Followers of Chaos Undivided

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