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Chapter War (Novel)

Chapter War
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Series Soul Drinkers
Preceded by Crimson Tears
Followed by Hellforged
Released April 2007
Pages 413

Chapter War is the fourth novel in the Soul Drinkers (Novel Series) by Ben Counter.

Cover Description

Declared excommunicate from the Adeptus Astartes many years ago, and led by the heroic Sarpedon, the Soul Drinkers are desperate to restore themselves back into the good graces of the Imperium. When the planet of Vanqualis comes under attack from orks, the Soul Drinkers answer, Sarpedon seeing a chance to prove their loyalty. But factions within the Chapter are moving against the brave leader, eager to tread a different path, one that will lead to Chaos. Matters are complicated further when the Howling Griffons Chapter arrives on Vanqualis, too, and Sarpedon finds he has enemies on three fronts. Survival, the fate of Vanqualis and the Chapter itself are all at stake.



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