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Charnel Guard

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Charnel Guard
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Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[3c]
Founding: Third Founding[3b]
Homeworld: Fleet Based[2a]
Colours: Sombre grey[4a]

The Charnel Guard are a Fleet Based Space Marine Chapter[2a] that are believed to be of Blood Angels descent.[3c]


The Chapter is believed to have been created in the Third Founding, due to the large number of ancient war relics, weapons and vehicles in their arsenal which are rarely seen in the 41st Millennium; in the Chapter's possession are at least three Fellblade super-heavy tanks[3b] and a formidable fleet of Fire Raptor gunships. Having been founded by Dominion Zephon[5], they are also of Blood Angels descent, but they are not acknowledged as such by their Founding Chapter.[3c] Despite this, they were among the Chapters of the Blood that defended the Blood Angels' homeworld of Baal when it was attacked by the tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan.[4a]

In 587.M41 the Charnel Guard were selected to become part of the newly created Maelstrom Warders. However, in 651.M41 the Chapter was suddenly redeployed by the High Lords of Terra to take part in the Thanatos Crusade into the Veiled Region.[2a]

Known Actions


The Charnel Guard has a reputation for being reclusive. They are known to seal themselves away in vast stasis crypts when not on a campaign.[3c]


The Chapter's Gene-seed gives each member pronounced canine eye teeth.[4b]

Chapter Elements

Known Named Vehicles

Known Members

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