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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Chemos Chemos.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[2b]
Sector: Aquitane Sector[2a]
Subsector: Unknown
System: Chemos System
Population: None
Affiliation: None
Class: Destroyed, former Mining World
Tithe Grade: None

Chemos was the Homeworld of the Emperor's Children Legion. It is a bleak, unforgiving world, warmed by two small stars and surrounded by a nebula dust cloud. This puts the planet in a perpetual grey twilight.[1]


Chemos was settled long ago as a mining world but was isolated from its neighbours by Warp Storms during the Age of Strife. The problem was that the resources of the planet were running out. The planet was not producing enough food even for its own population. Eventually, it fell to a group of fortress factories to produce all the resources. All people had to work every hour of the day, working the vapour mines and synthesisers. Recreation, art and leisure were sacrificed for survival.[1] Because of the nebula clouds surrounding Chemos, it experienced neither day or night but was in a perpetual grey haze.[4]

When Fulgrim crashed into the planet, he was taken in by one of the planetary police. He grew quickly and within fifty years he was ruler of the planet. Fulgrim managed to get the planet going again, re-opening old mines and farms. Resources started flowing through the planet again. It continued to grow after the Emperor arrived and re-opened trade in the sector. The Fortress Monastery of the Emperor's Children was located at the centre of Callax, one of the major cities on Chemos.[1]

During the final stages of the Horus Heresy, Chemos was left largely undefended by the indifferent Emperor's Children and was destroyed by the Dark Angels.[5][6] The world has subsequently been quarantined by the Inquisition.[1] The holy scripture the Chemosian Cantos was written during the final hours of the planet, and is still revered by human slaves of the Emperor's Children.[3]

Known Locations

  • Callax - Factory-city and Fulgrim's initial domain.[2a]
  • Sulpha - region famed for its sword-dancers.[7a]
  • Phoenicia - Capital under Fulgrim's reformed society.[7b]


In John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, Chemos is a demon of lust that drives people towards acts of perversion.

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