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The Choraplex, known as Hoec's Grave to the Eldar, Gork and Mork's Bowel to the Orks, and the Warpcleanse to the Followers of Chaos, is a region close to the boundaries of the Nachmund Gauntlet.[1]


Known as a pirate haunt with no rule of law, the regions of the Choraplex are buffeted by the powers of the Great Rift but many still have found lucrative lives within its depths. While full of danger, some Imperial worlds and outposts still remain and are known as particularly fanatical and distrustful bastions of the Emperor. Despite extreme brutality, the Governors of these worlds are gradually losing their control over their own domains and supplies of all kinds are running low amidst constant raids and attacks by various foes.[1]

Over time, the region has developed into two semi-distinct regions:[1]:

  • The Badlands: is the closest to the Nachmund Gauntlet's warp-wall, and the is a loose collection of gaseous nebulae, space stations, and asteroid fields. Most worlds are completely desolate, such as the former Exodite World of Daethe, while others such as Lorgus II are riddled with Warp Storms while under simultaneous assault by both Tyranids and Daemons. The effect of the Warp is greater here, creating rampant mutation, cursed living vessels, dark pockets of indefinite Daemonic infestation, and other foul anomalies. Nonetheless, it has become the residence of choice for many warbands of numerous races to operate out of, for few will dare pursue them into it. The primary still-functioning world in the region is Curor Sancta, an Ecclesiarchy convent world defended by Frateris Militia and Sisters of Battle that is continually besieged by Chaos Space Marines and Eldar Corsairs.[1]
  • The Halo Sphere: The region further from the Nachmund Gauntlet's warp-wall. The power of the Warp is less here, and it thus sports a greater population and several port worlds controlled by gangs and cartels of various species. It is a land of intrigue and strife, and warbands of various factions constantly scheme against one another. One of the most heavily conflicted areas being fought over by Chaos Space Marines and Eldar Corsairs is the shattered Space Hulk known as Hekkate Reef. One of the most notable Imperial worlds in the region is Juell, homeworld of the Auric Paragons Space Marine Chapter. Another is the Forge Moon of Orboris which is under the control of the Mechanicum and is nearly entirely empty of resources.[1]