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Commissar (Novel)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Novel by Andy Hoare; for the rank, see Commissar.
Author Andy Hoare
Publisher Black Library
Series Imperial Guard
Released January 2013
Pages 416
Collected in Glory Imperialis

Commissar is a Black Library novel by Andy Hoare. It was released in January 2013.

Cover Description

Deployed to the prison planet of Furia Penitens to quell a violent uprising, the 77th Vostroyan Firstborn regiment of the Imperial Guard find themselves in a precarious position. The rebels are in a fortified prison-hive, all but impenetrable. A disgrace suffered by their forebears haunts them. And they hate their new commissar... Can Commissar Flint bring them victory and restore their reputation, or will the 77th fail again?


Cover for paperback edition (2014)

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