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Legiones Consularis, or Consuls, were a rank bestowed to Space Marine Centurions during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Marines of the Legiones Astartes that specialized in many esoteric arts of combat and war. Called upon to use their mastered arts when their Legion needed them, with the outbreak of the Horus Heresy these officers would face their grandest trial.[2]

Known types of Consuls

  • Armistos

These officers were charged with maintaining, categorizing, requisitioning, and dispensing the vast arsenals of a Space Marine Legion. Beyond this, they worked to improve the weaponry of the Legion and ran simulations and field augmented tests. The skill required of an Armistos was much sought after by the Master of the Arsenal, and the most prized candidates were those of level temperament who are not apt to charge into the fray but are capable of supporting and supplying their Battle-Brothers without desire for aggrandizement.[7d]

  • Champion
Main article: Champion Consul

Chosen from the best blades of the Legion, a Champion bears the honour of their chapter or company in battle, and is armed with a Paragon Blade. Their sworn task is to seek out the foe’s mightiest warriors, and slay them as an object lesson in the Imperium’s superiority.[7f]

  • Chaplain
Main article: Chaplain

The Chaplain Order, established towards the end of the Great Crusade, was intended to create a cadre of fearsome veteran warriors who would enforce a cohesion of doctrine and belief in the scattered and increasingly idiosyncratic Legions, far from Terra. Theirs was a mortuary symbol of sacrifice graven in the form of an ornate staff, mace or axe: the Crozius Arcanum, which served as both a badge of office and a deadly weapon.[7e]

  • Dark Emissary

A rank established for the Sons of Horus during the Horus Heresy, they were charged with ensuring their Primarch's allies and servants remained unquestioningly loyal to him. The Dark Emissaries also guided the Warmaster's forces with their strategic experience and served as a paragon of skill and martial prowess, that every member of the Sons of Horus should strive towards. However they would also serve as executioners for anyone that failed to live up to the their exacting Primarch's expectations or displayed seditious intentions. These could be carried out by the Dark Emissaries' Staff of Dark Authority.[8]

  • Delegatus

These officers were tasked with specific missions by a Legion's high command, allowing them to act with full authority. As such, they could mobilize the Legion's resources, deploy assets independently, and perform vital strategic missions.[6a]

  • Esoterist

Members of the Librarius who returned to their studies with or without the blessing of their Primarch and delved into forbidden lore that saw common use on the battlefield.[1a]

  • Forge Lord

Masters of the machine and foundry, Forge Lords are the most experienced and skilful of the Legion’s Techmarines. These warrior-smiths are skilled battle-leaders as much as they are artisans of war, and are often appointed to the command of Legion detachments comprised largely of tanks and armoured vehicles or battle-automata, as well as serving as stewards to a Legion’s Dreadnoughts.[7a]

  • Herald

These officers carried the official banner of their lords, be they Primarch or otherwise. They often oversaw and undertook the interests of their Legions in key missions, acting most commonly as emissaries[7c]

  • Librarian
Main article: Librarian

For many years the Legions maintained cadres of battle-psykers in their ranks, warriors who fused these esoteric powers with a Space Marine’s superhuman physical power. They used powers such as Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Thaumaturgy, and were equipped with a Psychic Hood.[7b]

  • Master of Signals

The Master of Signals is a strategic and communications specialist capable of interpreting and directing the flow of battle around them, and calling in support strikes from distant batteries and orbiting vessels.[7b]

  • Moritat
Main article: Moritat

Cold-blooded murderers who fought with a suicidal fervour.[5]

  • Mortificator

These specialized Techmarines were responsible for their Legion's Dreadnoughts. They showed a near fanatical devotion to their charge of managing the Legion's honored dead, and in some cases went so far as to contravene the tenets of the Cult Mechanicus adopted by the Masters of the Forge. A Mortificator's primary duties included the protection during slumber and rousing during war of the Legion's Dreadnoughts, and when necessary, extends to the controlling of those Dreadnoughts too asleep or too choleric to be considered wholly sane.[1c]

  • Pathfinder

Within the ranks of the Legions at the time of the outbreak of the Horus Heresy there were few remaining Scout cohorts, with most companies equipped with scout armour long since reassigned to Reconnaissance detachments.[7c]

  • Opsequiari
Main article: Consul-Opsequiari

A rank of disciplinary officer.

  • Praevian
Main article: Consul Praevian

On the field of battle they marched at the forefront of Battle-Automata forces, guiding them through the engagement[6c]

  • Primus Medicae
Main article: Apothecary

High officers of the Legion Apothecarion, the primus medicae of a Legion ensures the battle-readiness and physical wellbeing of their battle-brothers. This is an authority which none but a Primarch or his chosen deputy can overrule, and such warriors are dedicated to preserving the gene-seed of the Legion from loss or contamination at any cost.[7a]

  • Primus Nullificator

These warriors were pioneers of early attempts by the Legiones Astartes to counter the Daemonic once the spawn of the Warp began to appear in number during the Heresy. They sanctioned research into esoteric artefacts and weapons and openly sought prohibited lore in the hope that it would provide wisdom capable of combating the Daemonic.[1b]

  • Saboteur

A rank used by the Alpha Legion, Saboteur Consuls were expert assassins, masters of misdirection and infiltrators who were dedicated to upending their enemies' best-laid plans. They were so skilled, that Saboteurs could stroll into the ranks of their opponents without revealing themselves and cause havoc behind enemy lines or eliminate high-ranking targets by using their equipment of a sling of explosive devices, a Power Dagger, and an Astartes Shotgun. Saboteur Consuls trump card, though, was their ability to undertake False Colours operations.[9]

  • Siege Breaker

The wreckers of cities and fortresses, Siege Breakers were officers whose specialty is applied to the destruction of strategic targets. They were often placed in command of armoured spearhead assaults and frontline artillery units, preferring to closely observe their work rather than sat back behind the rear[7d]

  • Stormseer
Main article: Stormseer

A librarian from the White Scars Legion.[4]

  • Warmonger

These Centurions were hardened commanders who were much respected for their willingness to heroically throw themselves and their men into the toughest resistance, and are entrusted to prosecute shock assaults which crush the foe in a single action.[1a]



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