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Cults is a term often referring to subversive groups within humanity - some are dominated by hostile aliens while others are worshippers of Chaos:

  • Chaos Cult - Heretic cults devoted to one of the Chaos Gods or to Chaos itself.
  • Genestealer Cult - Insidious, alien-dominated cults composed of genestealers, hybrids, and human converts
  • Imperial Cult - the religion venerating the Emperor as a god.
  • Death Cult - extreme cults devoted to bloodshed - some simply worship the Emperor in more unconventional and bloody ways, by slaying his enemies; in other cases such cults are devoted to Khorne.
  • Wych Cult - Organizations that maintain the varied arenas of Commorragh, as well as participate in raids around the galaxy. Comprised of wyches who are athletic and gladiatorial Dark Eldar.
  • Solar Cults - Historical Dark Eldar groups in Commorragh originating before the Fall of the Eldar.