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Cult of the Cursed Blade

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
CursedBladeSymbol.jpg Name: Cult of the Cursed Blade CursedBladeWarrior.jpg
Notable Succubi: Unknown
Notable Raids: None currently reported.
Colours: Teal, black, and gold
Speciality: Treachery

The Cult of the Cursed Blade are a Dark Eldar Wych Cult. Known for their treachery, their name derives from the Commorragh term referring to rebels who defy their masters. Treachery is held as the greatest of all virtues by the Cursed Blade, for by a process of hyper-accelerated natural selection the warrior-women of the Cult ensure that only the strongest and most cunning within their ranks survive. Weapons that deceive their foes are popular in the Cult, and many harmless-looking ornaments worn by the Wyches contain a hidden weapon or poison. It is common to see many Razorflails wielded among their ranks.[1]

The stronghold of this devious Cult is the Nhexus Arena, and is far more deadly than its elegant architecture would suggest. Every curve and line contains Monofilament nets, venom-darts, toxin-loaded syringes, and other lethal traps. These surprises are just as likely to strike the arena audiences as well as the performers. This is seen as merely part of the fun.[1]

Since the opening of the Great Rift, the Cult has launched many raids into Imperium Nihilus, both individually and alongside the Kabal of the Black Heart. They have not only preyed upon Imperial worlds, but also defended them from Chaos forces to raise their spirits in order to make their final demise all the sweeter.[2]


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