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This page contains spoilers for: The Damnation of Pythos (Novel)

Ancient Curval was a Dreadnought in the Emperor's Children Legion, during the Great Crusade and was known as a philosopher of the Imperium's war to claim the stars.

When the Horus Heresy began however, Curval joined his Primarch Fulgrim in turning upon the Emperor and began preaching about the perversions of the flesh and encouraged his Legion to commit debase acts, in order to increase their sensations. In the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre, Curval was among Captain Kleos' forces aboard the Battle Barge Callidora[1a], which was part of a large Emperor's Children fleet. However, the fleet's Lord Commander later ordered Kleos to take the Callidora to the Hamartia System, along with the Escorts Infinite Sublime and the Golden Mean, in order to continue to strike against the Imperium. When they arrived though, they were ambushed by the Iron Hands Strike Cruiser Veritas Ferrum, which was commanded by the vengeful Captain Durun Atticus, who was eager to strike a blow against the Traitors. Having been forewarned in advance of the Callidora's arrival, by his Astropath Rhydia Erephren, Atticus had his crew lay space mines where the Emperor's Children's ships would enter the system; which led to the destruction of the Infinite Sublime and crippled the Golden Mean. When the mines exploded, the Veritas Ferrum struck and finished off the Golden Mean, before attacking the wounded Callidora and then launching boarding torpedoes at the Battle Barge[1b]. Curval came to the Battle Barge's defense and clashed with the invading forces led by Sergeant Anton Galba, where he proved to be more than a match for the Iron Hands. This ended though, when Galba ordered his forces to use melta charges that sent the Dreadnought toppling to the floor beneath them. Curval survived the fall, but played no further part in defending the Callidora and before the Iron Hands escaped, they were able to send the Battle Barge into an asteroid field, where it was destroyed.[1a]

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