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Cybon is a Lord General of the Imperial Guard. He was a major Imperial commander during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1][3]

Known for his tendency to use his men as cannon fodder, Cybon was a contender to become Warmaster of the Crusade following the death of Slaydo but lost out due to his draconian attitudes towards common soldiers. When Marshal Macaroth was made Warmaster, Cybon became enraged and saw the commander as beneath him. However as the war continued and Macaroth's accomplishments became apparent, Cybon began to respect him. Nonetheless Cybon was relegated to second-line and logistical duties by the Warmaster, a position he felt was beneath him.[1]

He backed a failed attempt to unseat and replace Macaroth in 791.M41. Despite his perceived treachery, he escaped formal punishment.[2]


He has several bionic augmentations.