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Cythor Fiends

A Cythor Fiend[3]

The Cythor Fiends (classisfied as Homindae crystallis by the Imperium)[3] are a mysterious Xenos race that previously inhabited the Ghoul Stars.[1]


The Cythors have spindly limbs and vile faces, elongated and inhuman. They live in the fortresses with sheer walls of glimmering crystal and used some uncanny weapons.[2] According to the Death Spectres, the Cythors are not alive in the sense humans would understand it.[5]

Cythor Fiends use small silver discs that when activated causes them to shatter apart and reform into deadly crystals that quickly slash the throats of their victims. These mobile crystals can become quite small, and seemingly possess the essence of the Fiend.[3] In addition, the Cythors employ unique warships, with one known class being the Pinion Class Stealth Frigate.[4]

When they still lived in the Ghoul Stars, the Cythor Fiends' realm was centered on a Gas Giant, dubbed 9836-18 Grave Core by the Imperium.[5]


Cythor Fiends were seen as vicious creatures by the Imperium, and every probe or scout team sent into their territory never returned.[1] They often clashed with the Death Spectres which were tasked with watching over the Ghoul Stars.[4][5] At one point, the Death Spectres launched a major campaign to destroy the Cythors, only to find their worlds empty. As a result, the Chapter became aware of the fact that the Cythors possessed technologies with which they could ultimately evade any attempt to exterminate them. Eventually, the Cythors returned to their old planets and reclaimed them. From then on, however, the Death Spectres always limited themselves to containment tactics.[5]

In late M41, the race was largely exterminated by the Black Templars[1] and Death Spectres[4][5] in the Ghoul Stars Crusade, with only their homeworlds[4] remaining outside Imperial hands. However, when the Black Templars arrived at their homeworlds, they found them completely empty and vacant of any Cythor presence. What exactly happened to the race initially remained a mystery.[1]

According to the latest data, Rogue Trader Janus Draik saw one of the Cythor Fiends on the Blackstone Fortress located in the Segmentum Pacificus. Draik also stated that according to the information from the Aeldari texts, Cythor Fiends managed to 'evade' the extermination due to using of their own advanced technologies.[3]

They have also been observed on the Daemon World, Sublime.[6]

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