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Daemon Behemoth

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Daemon; for the Tyranid Hive Fleet, see Behemoth.

Daemon Behemoths are a type of gargantuan Daemon.

Vast beyond comprehension of mortal warriors, these Titan-scale creatures wield flailing tentacles and grinding teeth against their foes. Behemoths are the largest of their monstrous kin and are death incarnate. These Daemons are employed as animate war engines, set against the strongest defences to force a breach for the horde that followed at their heels, serving as a focus for the heavy guns of mortal armies that stand against them. Only a concentrated barrage of heavy cannons can bring down these monstrosities and even then the vile energy of the Warp steals any guarantee that death would be more than a temporary stall from their rampage.[1]