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Darktide (Moebian Domain)

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The Darktide is the general name given by the people of the Imperium's Moebian Domain, for the foes that threaten their borders.[1]


In truth, the Darktide consist of a number of Daemons and Xenos species, that hold worlds within the Moebian Domain's borders. The Imperium's Administratum keeps this hidden and the people of the Domain know only that the Darktide must be kept at bay at all times. This led to the so-called Fringe War, which has been fought by the Moebian Regiments of the Astra Militarum for several years. These Regiments were also ignorant of the Darktide's true nature, until they began their long meat grinder tours in the Fringe War and finally faced the Moebian Domain's nightmarish foes.[1]