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Dead Sky, Black Sun (Novel)

Dead Sky, Black Sun
Author Graham McNeill
Publisher Black Library
Series Ultramarines
Preceded by Warriors of Ultramar
Followed by The Killing Ground
Released 2004
Pages 338
Editions 2004 softcover
ISBN 9781844161485

Dead Sky, Black Sun is the third novel in the Ultramarines novel series by Graham McNeill. It was first published in 2004.

Significantly, the novel follows directly from the events of Storm of Iron (Novel), the companion novel in the Iron Warriors novel series, also by McNeill.

Cover Description

Exiled from the Ultramarines Chapter by Marneus Calgar, Captain Uriel Ventris ventures deep into the dreaded Eye of Terror to atone for his disgrace. There, Uriel must unleash the Emperor's vengeance upon the followers of the Dark Gods and bring His divine light to this area of darkness. But a far more terrible foe dwells within these worlds of insanity: the ancient Chaos Space Marine Legions! With dishonour behind him and certain death ahead, Uriel must gather every ounce of courage if he is to survive and regain his honour!


Exiled from Ultramar on a Death Oath, Uriel Ventris and Pasanius Lysane are kidnapped by a Daemon Engine and transported to Medrengard, to play a central, albeit unwitting, role in the civil war between two rival Warsmiths of the Iron Warriors.

On Medrengard, Warsmiths Toramino and Berossus enter the fortress of Khalan-Ghol to confront its new lord: Honsou, the newly-minted Warsmith after his former master's ascension to daemonhood on Hydra Cordatus. Toramino and Berossus do little to hide their contempt for the "half-breed" Honsou. Knowing that Honsou's Grand Company stole a supply of stable geneseed from Hydra Cordatus, they also know that, though the majority of it was surrendered to Abaddon, Honsou must have kept some for himself, and they expect him to honor his master's oaths and share with them.

Honsou refuses, saying that what he took from Hydra Cordatus, with blood and sweat, is his to keep; he will allow them to leave unharmed, but vows they will never set foot within his fortress again. In a fury, Toramino and Berossus turn and march out, swearing to return with an army to raze Khalan-Ghol to the ground.


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