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Deathwatch (Novel Series)

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Novel Series by C.S. Goto; for the Novel by Steve Parker, see Deathwatch (Novel).

The Deathwatch Series of novels by C.S. Goto follow the adventures of Captain Octavius and the other members of his Deathwatch Kill Team. It is composed of two volumes, Warrior Brood and Warrior Coven.

A print-on-demand omnibus, Kill Squad, was published in June 2010, collecting the two novels, along with the Deathwatch (Graphic Novel) by Jim Alexander and Graham Stoddart.


Warrior Brood

Main article: Warrior Brood (Novel)

The world of Herodian IV is doomed when the nightmarish Tyranid Hive Fleets descend from the depths of space, intent on devouring every living thing on the planet. In the vital hours before the planet is lost, Inquisitor Kalypsia and a team of Deathwatch Space Marines are sent on a mission to investigate a vital research outpost. The terrible secret they uncover could spell a fate worse than death for Kalypsia and her warriors - maybe even for the whole of humanity, but can they escape to safety before they are torn apart by the ravenous alien hordes?

Warrior Coven

Main article: Warrior Coven (Novel)

The iconic Deathwatch Space Marines and their remit to hunt down the foul alien creatures that besiege mankind from all fronts. Warrior Coven sees the Deathwatch being forced to ally with those they have sworn to destroy. Can they hold their fanatical hatred in check to prevent a bigger evil from entering the universe?