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Decree Passive

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The Decree Passive (0001288/M36) was a decree passed by the High Lords of Terra in the aftermath of the Reign of Blood which placed severe limitations on the Ecclesiarchy's ability to wage war.

The Decree was passed with the ultimate intention of completely disbanding the Ecclesiarchy's official military. Ecclesiarch Sebastian Thor was ordered to carry out these edicts, forcing the Ecclesiarchy to disband the Frateris Templar and the armies and fleets maintained by any member of the Ministorum.

There was only one exception, the Daughters of the Emperor, who slipped through the infamous loophole of the Decree Passive's wording, prohibiting the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining "men under arms".

As an all-female militant group, Sebastian Thor argued that the Sisterhood was not obligated to disband by the Decree Passive, and instead incorporated the Sisterhood into the Ministorum as the Adepta Sororitas, a force that would as much regulate the Ecclesiarchy through their quest for purity as enforce its will.[1]