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Deros was a member of the Death Guard Legion, during the Great Crusade and served in Captain Vellian Tersus' 7th Company.[1c]


He[1c] was among the forces that the Death Guard's newly rediscovered Primarch Mortarion, led against the The Order during the Conquest of Galaspar. This battle saw them invade Galaspar's primary Hive Protarkos, where the Order's Lord Comptroller Avald Stevang, ruled from[1a]. While the invasion initially went well, the Order's forces held the Death Guard off long enough for Galaspar's other Hives to come to its aid. As their armies reached Protarkos, Mortarion knew the Death Guard would fail, unless they had more time to capture Stevang. Unfortunately the Lord Comptroller and other members of the Hive's Order personnel had hidden themselves deep within one of the Hive's Spires. The only way to reach them was by blasting a hole in the Spire's roof, which would require the Death Guard to climb up its surface first. However with Order's armies about to attack Protarkos, the Primarch chose to lead the Death Guard against them and charged Captain Tersus and his squadron with capturing Stevang.[1b]

As they reached the top of the Spire, though, Lord Comptroller Stevang and the rest of Protarkos' Order, became paranoid when the structure was not being attacked by the Death Guard. This led them to look at vidscreens attached to turrets adorning its top and they soon spotted Tersus and his squad climbing the Spire. Realizing at once what the squadron intended to do, Stevang had the Spire's turrents fire upon Tersus' forces. The squadron could do nothing but advance under the turrets' heavy fire and only Deros and Garro survived to capture Stevang. The two then forced the Lord Comptroller to cease firing Galaspar's weaponry, that was keeping the Death Guard's fleet from the world[1c]. With this done, the Legion's might could be brought against Galaspar and the Order's armies were destroyed by the Death Guard's warships.[1d]