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Deumos was the Terran Chapter Master of the Word Bearers Legion's Serrated Sun Chapter, during the Great Crusade[1a].

After the Emperor ordered the Ultramarines Legion to destroy Monarchia, the Word Bearers' Primarch Lorgar joined the Serrated Sun and told them they were going to undertake The Pilgrimage.[1b] Their journey led them to the world Cadia, near the Eye of Terror, where Lorgar met with the Cultist leader Ingethel. Weeks later Deumos was among a group of Word Bearers, that accompanied Lorgar to a cave, where Ingethel had been conducting a Chaos ritual that would aid Lorgar in his Pilgrimage. However, the Adeptus Custodes Vendatha, who was among a group of Custodes charged with watching the Word Bearers Legion, interrupted the horrific ritual in disgust[1c] and judged Lorgar a Traitor for refusing to stop it himself. Vendatha then tried to contact the other Custodes in the Word Bearers fleet in orbit, but was told by Lorgar that the cave was blocking his signal. Feeling that he had no choice after witnessing such heresy, Vendatha launched an attack to kill Lorgar, but Deumos, Captain Tsar Quorel and his Company Chaplain Rikus, stood in front of the Custode to defend their Primarch. However, they were no match for the skilled Vendatha, who easily killed all of them in seconds.[1d]