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Dragon's End is a volcanic planet, once occupied by flying drakes and huge megasaurs. However, the planet was later settled by human colonists, who also introduced Terran horses to the planet's valleys. These colonists formed the basis of the Knight House Griffith, soon becoming deft cavalry troopers, armoured in plate made of the planet's obsidian. These mounted nobles hunted the herds of megasaurs, drawing the attention of the dragons which preyed upon these creatures. The colonists raced to complete the construction of their Knight suits, battling dragons on horseback in the interim. During this time, one warrior named Nathaniel killed three of the creatures with a lance fashioned from dragon bone, his exploits leading to his inauguration as House Griffith's first ruler. Upon the completion of the Knight suits, the war turned decisively in the humans' favour, and even long after the extinction of Dragon's End's drakes, the Knights of House Griffith are renowned as fierce and capable warriors.[1b]

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