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For Imperial Knights, the Drop-Keep is an essential orbit-to-ground landing vessel. Somewhat resembling the larger coffin-landers of Titan walkers. The primary difference is that the Drop-Keep can deploy directly into battle, creating an instant fortification. Drop-Keeps are heavily armoured and lined with servitor-crewed gun emplacements but their most deadly weapon is their cargo of war-machines.[1]

The drop-keep can carry up to twelve Imperial Knights directly to war. They will come down on blazing retro-rockets and even as they touch down will be opening their portcullis and drawbridge to allow the towering Knight Engines to sally forth.[1]

Many Houses have also added auto-unfurling banners and vox-hailers, ensuring that when their scions charge into battle they do so with their proud colours flying and triumphal music playing, as befits their noble station. Drop-Keeps may also house flights of Cherubim known as Heavenly Hosts for reconnaissance purposes.[1]


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