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The Dulanians were a technologically advanced human civilisation during the Great Crusade. They refused to become part of the Imperium and were wiped out by the Space Wolves and Dark Angels in the Dulan Campaign.[1a]


The Dulanians believed themselves an enlightened civilisation, emerging from the barbarism of an 'age of horrors' under the guidance of Durath, whom the Imperium called the Tyrant of Dulan. They abhorred the alien, the mutant, and the heretic.[1c]

The Dulanian civilisation's military cadre was known as the Faash. The Faash armies comprised both regular troops clad in carapace armour and armed with lasguns and mech-guard known as Scarabines who wore a form of power armour with integrated weaponry and shielding technologies.[1a]


The archaeotech used by the Faash was based on elaborate fusion technology not fully understood by the Mechanicum. As a result, Faash machines were universally heavy-set and bulky.[1a]

Aegis Shield

Roughly equivalent to void shields, aegis shields could only be penetrated by extremely high energy levels and were capable of being restored almost immediately unless the generators had suffered catastrophic damage. The most effective way to penetrate an aegis shield was with power weapons or ramming with a void-shielded vessel. Aegis shields ranged in size from those on orbital bastions or spacecraft to the personalised shields of the Scarabine mech-guard.[1a]

Interference Weapons

Interference weapons were medium-range ranged weapons that re-arranged matter on a molecular level. The guns discharged silently and were hard to evade, but required a significant amount of time to recharge between shots. They ranged in size from man-portable weapons carried by the Scarabine, to gunnery bays mounted on orbital bastions.[1a]


The armour worn by the Scarabine was a form of reactor-driven power armour with a personal aegis shield. It was ordinarily slightly larger and more cumbersome than an armoured space marine, with more rounded pauldrons and a slab-like breastplate, with twin-barrelled las and interference weapons built into the gauntlets.[1a] Larger variations, Scarabine Leviathans, were larger than a Leviathan Dreadnought.[1b]

Orbital Bastion

The Faash maintained orbital bastions over a number of worlds, including Ynniu III. These bastions were large columns of steel and carbon synthate equipped with gunnery bays of interference weaponry and protective aegis shields. The station on Ynniu III was garrisoned by nine battalions of Scarabine mech-guard.[1a]


Faash voidships were warp-capable vessels powered by macrospeed drives that enabled them to outrun any Legion vessel in a straight line. They were equipped with interference guns and often garrisoned by Scarabine mech-guard.[1a]

Known Worlds