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Duriel (Dark Angels)

Duriel was the Captain of the Dark Angels Legion's 12th Order, during the Great Crusade.[1]

He was also the senior Forge-wright and Master of the Ironwing, who was taught in the Terran forges of of Narodnya and Manraga. After he suffered grievous wounds in battle, Duriel was installed within the command chair of the Invincible Reason and was given the additional title of Castellan. This meant, that he had overall command of the warship, when his Primarch Lion El'Jonson was not aboard. Duriel was among the Legion's forces, that their Primarch led while investigating the unrest and strange disappearances occurring around Muspel.[1]

During the campaign on Muspel Duriel would later sacrifice himself with a Nuclear Weapon to stop a Khrave infected Titan.[1a]