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Ectorael is a Fallen Angel Techmarine, who is among those that now loyally serve their returned Primarch Lion El'Jonson[1a], as the Risen.[1b]


After he emerged into Realspace, millennia after Caliban's destruction, Ectorael eventually joined Echo Station's Fallen Angels, who were led by the Fallen Guain. The Space Station would have dealings with the pirate fleet led by the Fallen Borz, but this would not stop the pirate leader from stealing Echo Station's supplies in order to repair his fleet. When this occurred, Ectorael had been in Realspace for seven hundred and thirty-seven years. Shortly after the theft, though, Borz returned and Guain had the Space Station's weapons lock on to the pirate fleet. By then, however, Borz had pledged to serve the Dark Angels' returned Primarch Lion El'Jonson, who requested that the Fallen aid him in defending the embattled Imperium. This in turn caused Borz to tell the Primarch of Echo Station, and El'Jonson had wished to meet with Guain's Fallen Angels[1a]

Upon learning of this, Guain agreed to meet with El'Jonson, but he still felt anger towards the Primarch, for starting the Dark Angel's civil war, that destroyed Caliban. This was shared by many of the Space Station's Fallen, but it was also mixed with weariness, that the Primarch sought to kill them for their actions in the war. However El'Jonson would refute this upon his arrival at Echo and claimed he had no wish to reopen the wounds of the past by placing blame for what occurred. The Primarch then asked for their help in saving the embattled Imperium, but if they refused, he would simply leave and not bother them again. Guain's Fallen would then voice their their long-held grievances towards their Primarch and question why they would save the decrepit Imperium, that had regressed so far from what it once was. El'Jonson simply explained that the faultless people of the Imperium, still deserved to be defended and not left to be preyed upon by Humanity's enemies.[1a]

The Fallen Angel Lamor then asked what foe was the Primarch currently fighting and El'Jonson replied that it was the Ten Thousand Eyes Warband. Upon hearing that they faced the forces of the corrupted Fallen Seraphax, Lamor immediately agreed to fight by the Primarch's side. Ectorael agreed to do so for the same reason and by the end of the meeting, the rest of Echo Station's Fallen had agreed to follow El'Jonson.[1a]