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Captain Ehrlen was an Adeptus Astartes of the World Eaters Legion during the Great Crusade, and the beginning of the Horus Heresy. He commanded the Loyalist World Eaters strike force in the Battle of Isstvan III[1b], and met his end at the hands of his traitorous brothers.[1c]


The Battle of Isstvan III

Captain Ehrlen, along with the other Loyalist Space Marines of the World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Sons of Horus and Death Guard Legions, was dispatched to Isstvan III to suppress a revolt by the Planetary Governor Vardus Praal. He, and the rest of the World Eater Loyalists, landed by drop pods into the plaza outside the Temple of Song in the Choral City, his units massacring thousands of armed Isstvanian citizens. Inside barricades formed by drop pods and corpses, Ehrlen was warned by Saul Tarvitz of an "Isstvanian" bio-weapon that was to be deployed, and so he commanded the remaining World Eaters to retreat to the bunker complexes to the west of the Choral City.[1a]

Angron's Assault

After weathering the Life Eater virus bombs, and the later firestorm, Tarvitz revealed that the Loyalist forces on Isstvan III had been betrayed by Horus. Soon after this, dozens of Traitor World Eater gunships led by Angron descended on the Choral City, opening fire on the Loyalist World Eaters[1b]. Leading thousands of Traitor World Eaters, Angron and the surviving Loyalist World Eaters led by Ehrlen met in close combat. It was during this that Captain Ehrlen fell, his face torn off while several Traitor World Eaters tore him apart.[1c]