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Ekron Fal

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Ekron Fal

Ekron Fal was a warrior of enormous renown within the ranks of the 12th chapter in the Sons of Horus legion.[1]

He gained prominence and was admitted to the rank of the Justaerin in the later battles of Ullanor Crusade. According to cult material captured in the Sack of Hybarix, he also covertly held high rank in several tiers of the warrior lodges operating in the legion. He lead his Squad, known as the Seventh Occluded, throughout the opening phase of the battle. He repelled attacks on the Fortress-line by the Salamanders, Iron Hands and Raven Guard. He was promoted to Centurion when he lead a decisive counter-charge in the battle's final act. [1]

During the final stages of the Siege of Terra, Ekron fought at the front of a host of Justaerin. He earned great glory after he set off a landslide to destroy the Antiphrates Fortess of the Inner Palace. However, he ignored Abaddons summons to him after the First Captain discovered that Vengeful Spirit's Void Shields were lowered.[2] After the defeat of Horus, Fal was able to evacuate to the Vengeful Spirit. He was thus part of the Sons of Horus that retreated from the Sol System under Abaddon. Yet, Fel was left almost burnt out by the dark powers that had taken hold of him, and was seen constantly weeping during the retreat.[3]