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El'hassai was a Tau diplomat of the Water Caste.


In the 920's M41, El'hassai was a minor member of the Tau Empire's delegation to the Imperial world of Gravalax, accompanying the Ambassador's visit to the Governor's palace. When the Ambassador was shot by a mysterious assassin, El'hassai drew a weapon and accused the Governor of the murder. He and the rest of the delegation were calmed by Commissar Ciaphas Cain, who escorted the delegation back to their compound, preventing all-out war from breaking out between the Tau and the Imperial Guard.[1a][1b] Cain privately reflected that El'hassai seemed to have a death wish, and his shrill accusations got on Cain's nerves so much that he'd have been almost happy to shoot the Tau.[1b]

Decades later, Cain was surprised to encounter El'hassai again, as a senior Tau diplomat in the Coronus subsector, later assigned as an observer in the Imperium and the Tau's joint effort to repel a Tyranid Hive Fleet invading their worlds. Cain was gratified that El'hassai had become much more level-headed in the years since their last meeting, and equally surprised that the Tau came away from the Gravalax Incident with a favourable opinion of Cain - one of the few gue'la the Tau were almost willing to trust.[2]