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Eldar Knight

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Eldar Knight[1]

Eldar Knights are a kind of Knight warmachine utilized by Exodite clans.[1]


Eldar Knights are most commonly used by Exodite populations to defend their homeworlds, and are complex machines made of a psycho-plastic known as Wraithbone. These machines were originally developed to help new Exodite colonies and Maiden Worlds survive against the hostile and grim conditions they faced. Eldar knight suits are controlled by a direct mind-link between the pilot and machine, much like Imperial Titans. However Eldar Knights also contain a Spirit stone which supplies the machine with a personality as well as a way for the Eldar pilot to avoid having their soul consumed by Slaanesh should they fall in battle. The spirit stones of Eldar Knights are often ancient artifacts dating before The Fall.[1]

In battle, Eldar knights are rapidly-moving war machines able to swiftly advance and lay down heavy fire to devastating effect. They are frequently used by Exodite populations to aid Craftworld Eldar armies, forging ahead of the main formation and attacking to secure an important position.[1]

Much like Imperial Knights being organized around feudal houses, Eldar Knights are divided along Exodite Clans based from Maiden Worlds and Exodite Worlds.[1]


Eldar Knights are most frequently equipped with a Psychic Lance and Holo-field Shields. Specialist types also exist, often armed with large Scatter Lasers, Pulse Lasers, Bright Lances, and Sonic Weapons.[1]

Eldar Knight Types

  • Fire Gale[1]
  • Bright Stallion[1]
  • Towering Destroyer[1]

Known Eldar Knight Clans

  • Sable-Claw Clan[1]
  • Sea-Talon Clan[1]
  • Nightfury Clan[1]
  • Swifthorn Clan[1]


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