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==[[Eldar Light Cruisers|Light Cruisers]]==
==[[Eldar Light Cruisers|Light Cruisers]]==
*[[Aurora Light Cruiser|Aurora]]

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Fleets of the Galaxy : Imperial NavySpace Marine FleetAdeptus Mechanicus FleetChaos FleetEldar FleetDark Eldar FleetOrk FleetTyranid FleetNecron FleetTau FleetTau Merchant Fleet
The Eldar Space Fleet is a force of highly advanced craft which are lighter and faster than other ships of their kind but also a lot more delicate, partly relying on solar sails for propulsion and using the speed to avoid fire rather than taking heavy armour to absorb it. To this end Eldar ships are seen as fragile but highly manoeuvrable.



Light Cruisers


Attack Craft

Other Spacecraft

Star Forts

Notable Vessels