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Epic Swordwind

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Epic Swordwind
Released 2005[1]
ISBN 1 84154 576 7
Preceded by Epic Armageddon

Epic Swordwind is an expansion to Epic Armageddon. Published in 2005, it concentrated primarily on the armed forces of the Baran Siegemasters (a siege regiment of the Imperial Guard from the world Baran), Biel-tan Eldar and Feral Orks of Warboss Snagga-snagga.[1]

It was free to download from the Games Workshop website.


New units and datasheets for Epic, including the complete Eldar army plus new units for Imperial Guard and Ork armies[1]
Collecting & Painting
Advice on collecting and painting any of the armies presented in this supplement, including their color scheme, insignia and markings[1]
The Baran War
A full history of the Baran War, the rise of the Feral Ork Warlord Snagga-snagga and the arrival of the avenging Swordwind[1]
Grand tournament army lists for all the major protagonists in the Baran War - the Eldar Warhost of Biel-Tan, the Baran Siegemasters Imperial Guard Regiments and the Feral Ork hordes of Warlord Snagga-snagga[1]
Useful information including a list of Collector's models for the Eldar and handy reference sheets for each of the armies.[1]